About iEsteem

We are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

iEsteem is based on the principle in Psalm 139:14. This means each one of us was created with detail and precision. We are one of a kind.

Our Goal and Mission

It is our goal and mission at iEsteem to create a movement that inspires women from every walk of life to reach the ultimate level of confidence by discovering and embracing their unique selves and abilities unapologetically.

What We Do

iEsteem provides Affirmation Apparel, Products and Services designed to encourage, educate, and empower women to walk in authentic confidence while inspiring others to do the same.


Hi, I'm Jeanetta!

I am passionate about helping women reach their highest potential by tapping into their unique abilities and embracing their authentic selves.

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Jeanetta has had many great opportunities and always contributed her success to hard work and God’s favor.

However, she would struggle when asked the following:

What makes you unique?

What is your vision for your future?

After this occurred several times, she reached an aha moment, and put in the work needed to discover the answers to those questions. This self-discovery journey led to the birth of iEsteem LLC, a company that provides affirmation apparel, publications, and coaching services.

Jeanetta has held several key leadership roles during her over 20 years experience in the Banking and Financial Services industry. In her last role of an Executive Director, she managed the day-to-day operations to support over 140,000 employees and 800 training professionals.

CEO and founder of iEsteem, Jeanetta uses her corporate experience of transforming under-performing teams to help women identify and tap into their unique abilities.

As a result of reading her book and coaching services women begin to thrive in every area of their lives. Jeanetta holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Organizational Management. She has a diverse skill set that includes operations, project management, and risk control, as well as being an author, speaker, consultant, and coach.

In her #1 New Release book, Discovering Your Divine Natural Abilities (DNA), she walks through the nuggets gained in her self-discovery journey and shares countless principles that will prepare, position, and promote you to a greater level of productivity.

Our lives are exposed to many things that shape and define us. All too often we find ourselves stuck needlessly. We all have within us a spark from the divine creator. I call it our DNA (Divine Natural Ability). As we endeavor to Scale and Excel, it is that DNA within that gives us the power and potential to succeed. If you, like most of us, have ever felt insecure, insignificant or incomplete, remember God fearfully and wonderfully made each of us and imbued us with the incredible power of creation. We each have a Divine Natural Ability. With it, we can conquer and overcome anything. This book was written to expose and expand your DNA so that you can win in Life!
I’m so excited you chose iEsteem to be a part of your transformation. Let’s get started.
Here’s our list of services.


The Discovering Your Divine Natural Abilities (DNA) Course for careers is a 4-week group coaching program is designed to increase your self-confidence and make progress with your career goals by taking action coupled with accountability. Retail Value – $247 Sale – $97

This program will help you:

Clarify your career direction
Identify your unique skills
Align your experience with job postings
Create a powerful positioning statement that highlights your value add
Write an ATS compatible resume with focused accomplishments Interview successfully



One on One Coaching Sessions are designed to help you Discover Your Divine Natural Abilities (DNA), increase your self-confidence, set and make progress with your goals by taking action coupled with accountability. Retail Value $97 Sale $47 per 30 min session


This two-hour workshop, is designed to create an environment that’s fun, inspiring and encouraging, the perfect space to visualize and create your personalized affirmation gear! Just show up and be prepared for a great time!

Here’s what you will receive:

1) Custom iEsteem typography T-shirt with your personal affirmation statement.
2) Copy of my best seller book Discovering Your Divine Natural Abilities.

Retail Value: $97 – Sale $47
Note: Price of event may vary based on the additional services

Want to include this event as part of a girl’s day out? No problem, submit your request to contactus@iesteem.org to discuss customized package and items.


Resume Reviews include an Analysis of the content, structure, and style of your resume coupled with a 15 min. coaching call to provide actionable recommendations that will help your resume work for you.

Retail Value – $47 Sale – Complimentary

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